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Extinction Rebellion Hammersmith & Fulham; XRHF

Although this group was started in H&F in 2018 it has since expanded to cover most of West London. So whether you live in LBHF or Ealing, Acton, Chiswick, Kensington or anywhere else in the wider area you're very welcome. And if there isn't a local group where you are do join us.' 

Welcome to Extinction Rebellion; thanks for being here. If you are concerned about the Climate and Ecological Emergency then you’re in the right place.

GET IN TOUCH  or through WhatsApp


and come to one of our meetings

our meetings

At XRHF we have a meeting every Tuesday; usually in person, sometimes on Zoom. Up to date info is posted in our WhatsApp Group

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XRHF meets every Tuesday evening. We have plenty to discuss, we will be continuing to develop and work on our actions on air pollution across the borough, discussing how we can put pressure on the Council to make sure they deliver (and more) on their Climate pledges.We will also be discussing how we can contribute to the  broader XR activities. Please come along and join us. 

You can join in with  XR in many different ways – as well as local groups (like Hammersmith & Fulham) there are different community groups and other affiliated groups.(Have a look further down this page)

Within H&F we organise ourselves into Working Groups and communicate mainly though WhatsApp groups.  The easiest way to start this is to join the Announcements WhatsApp group which is where messages about various things are posted.


If you want an overview of what XR is all about - have a look at this video.

you can contact us here:   

Extinction Rebellion Hammersmith & Fulham; XRHF

Come and join one of the actions we are regularly involved in. We visit Standard Chartered Bank in the city every Thursday morning for an hour to catch employees on their way to work - why? They are the 3rd biggest UK bank investor in fossil fuels ....

hammersmith bridge

We are at a critical stage in the negotiations over the future of Hammersmith Bridge - lets keep it car free ... read more here

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hammersmith and Fulham community energy

in setting up a community energy project where solar panels will be fitted to ciommunity spaces (churches, schools, leisure centres, the electricity generated will be sold back to the location with a small profit paid as a dividend to shareholders (that could be you) and then re-invested into more projects. We already have funding for 5 projects to begin later this year or early in 2024.

Extinction Rebellion Hammersmith & Fulham; air pollution

XRHF is focussing on the issue of Air Pollution in our borough, the awful effects on all our health and trying to put pressure on the local council to reduce polluting vehicles. We have a fantastic local resource in Imperial College, we are planning different actions over the coming months. Join us to find out more.

The Climate Clock shows two numbers. The first, in red, is a timer, counting down how long it will take, at current rates of emissions, to burn through our “carbon budget” — the amount of CO2 that can still be released into the atmosphere while limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. This is our deadline. The second number is our lifeline - with a variety of metrics showing how far we are off target.

Want to know more about Extinction Rebellion, what we stand for and what we are asking for?

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the IPCC has just published its 2023 report.  Read it here

XR latest news - read it here


Why is 1.5º such a big deal

and what does it mean?

XR Scientists have a fantastic and very thorough resource covering all the scientific background you could want to know. Check it out here

Extinction Rebellion Ocean Rebellion

Want to get involved?  
1. come to one of our meetings
2. listen to an XR talk online or in person
3. join in one of the national campaigns
4. join in a local action
5. take some training from XR

Extinction Rebellion Hammersmith & Fulham Community Groups

A way to connect and work together through communities of self-identity rather than of shared location. The groups are supportive and welcoming and looking for you. If you cannot find your group email:

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Get in touch with one of the many groups within XR who are focussing on a particular issue of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

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