people in H&F: thoughts

XR H&F started in March 2019 with a meeting of 10 people. We now have almost 300 people on our Whats App Group, over 1000 followers on Twitter and FB. We have weekly meetings with around 50 people – sometimes more!

These are some of the thoughts of people involved with XR H&F on our birthday:

Happy Birthday everyone! I cannot express how much this group has changed life for me, I could feel it was a game changer as soon as I saw that poster on the Wendell park gate. It is why for months I was always shivering and shaking through the meetings with this kind of energy that I couldn’t control and I would go home absolutely on fire with so many emotions! Thank you so much to the local Rebels for being so brave to put on the first talk in the area, it has been an absolute catalyst since that day! I am truly grateful for having met all of you and being part of this community has healed a grieving, anxious, fearful hole that I used to carry in isolation. Mwah!!! N

Happy birthday H&F! I have only lived in the area for 8 months, but I know so many lovely people here now because of our group, it’s like I’ve lived here for years!   J

Happy Birthday to us all – it’s been great to get to know so many lovely local people. I thought having lived here for 45 years I knew all the nicest people around. And I did already know some of you, but met so many more – you were hiding in plain sight! Look forward to continuing to meet, have fun and take rebellious actions to look after ourselves and our planet – even though we’ll have to find some more imaginative ways of doing that. Love to all, P

And I want to thank all of you who at the start set a wonderful culture for us all to join at our different times. It is truly wonderful to know you all. Thank you dear friends. W & R