Soon we will be able to take to the streets to let the UK Government we will not sit by while they do less than they need too.

There are several actions being planned - 

  • At the G7 in Cornwall

  • Rivers rising / water rising actions along the Thames in early June

  • At the Science Museum from 19 May (Shell are sponsoring an exhibition on Carbon Capture. Whilst that is a vitally important subject to be discussing, it's ironic that Shell - who were instrumental in both causing and denying the CO2 problem - are allowed to sponsor it.

  • An ongoing and connected action about Greenwash -

  • Giving support to the Imagine2030 project -

You can get involved at all sorts of different levels - maybe just come to the meetings and discuss things. In the actions we always need people - to make things, to take part, to join in the disobedience or drumming, or to report on things with FB, Twitter or Instagram. We also need people to help with fundraising and organising meetings. There's always something.

H&F actions will be posted here, if you want to see a more up to date discussion, join one of our WhatsApp groups - or email us.

Details here