We are starting to have meetings in person and for the time being will be alternating a face to face meeting with online ZOOM meetings. The face to face meetings will be in Ravenscourt Park  followed by an online meeting the next week. The details of how to log in will be posted on our Announcements channel HERE. Newer members are invited to join us before the main meetings start – so at 7.45pm, either on ZOOM or in person. Our main meeting runs from 8-9 and then, for those who want to, we split into smaller ‘breakout’ groups to discuss specific topics or actions.

Minutes from the meetings are posted on the ANNOUNCEMENTS WHATSAPP group chat

The different Working Groups also have meetings - sometimes in person if this fits with COVID19 rules.

Meanwhile if you want to stay involved:

Here are ways of getting involved with XR H&F climate activism during the C19 Lockdown.

  • Check out this website. We have been working hard to make it an excellent resource of information about our group, sub groups, photos, recommended reading and activities

  • Follow and interact with our social media: we shares important messages on Twitter and Instagram, help amplify this work by ‘liking’, ‘retweeting’ and commenting on their posts:

  • Join our ongoing actions. 

  • Contribute to planning our Imagine2030 festival: The team are continuing to build out plans and make contacts for this visioning festival we are planning looking ahead at H&F in 10 years time. Join the discussion HERE.

  • Join our weekly meetings: We meet in person alternating with virtual Zoom meetings on Tuesday nights at 8pm, you can join from a computer or smartphone; 

  • Join our ongoing XR H&F Discussion chat:  we discuss the climate and ecological emergency and share links to information, news and ideas relevant to our group. 

  • Join our XR H&F Announcements channel:  you receive updates on relevant events in XRH&F and across XR UK (no more than a couple of messages per day).