What's the WE QUIT all about -

In early 2023 XR UK announced it was stopping disruptive actions - but for a limited period. This is a part of a process to get more people involved and a recognition that some of the disruptive actions in the past had made it difficult for many people to be involved. The next 'Rebellion'  starting on 21 April in London will see how that has worked and it can then be reviewed. It is not without its critics - but for a bigger and deeper explanation have a look at the XR website. This strategy only applies to XR UK and not to XR International.

What's the connection with Just Stop Oil ?

Just Stop Oil, and Insulate Britain, are 2 movements which have grown out of the same set of concerns as XR. Some of the founders of XR are involved in those movements. Their tactics are more geared to NVDA than XR is currently. They are organised in a similar way to XR - not an organisation you join in the normal sense. But if you'd like to get involved with their actions you can easily find them. They are not planning to follow the WE QUIT strategy. 

Practically speaking what is nonviolent direct action (NDVA)? Why does XR emphasise this so much?

NVDA is a technique that has been used successfully throughout human history to put pressure on governments to bring about change when there is a moral imperative to do so. It is difficult for a government or a police force to respond with moral superiority when groups of people protesting are not responding violently. Although every moment in history is different, some of the most famous NVDA actions – for example the civil rights movement in the US, protests against the Vietnam war, protests against nuclear weapons in the UK, some of the actions in India leading up to Independence were all successful without violent actions.

Can I get more info on XR?


I am a member of a political party. Can I also join XR?

XR is not party political. The issues we care about are political ones but XR is not aligned to any particular political party. Nonetheless many people involved in XR are also members of political parties as well as other campaigning groups. Our 3rd demand – for a citizen’s assembly – recognises that our current political systems are not organised in the best way to bring about the radical changes we need if we are to avoid Climate and Ecological disaster.

Why does XR demand zero carbon by 2025 when no government in the world thinks that?

The 2nd of our demands is for the government to act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025. So 2025 is a proxy for URGENT and ACT NOW. We have seen in the current health crisis that governments are capable of the most incredible things in the face of emergencies; we simply want the government to recognise that the ecological and climate crisis is worthy of similarly dramatic and interventionist approaches.

What do you think about the action on the tube in Canning Town in November 2019. That seemed to alienate a lot of people?

Any group or individual in XR can act in a way they feel is appropriate if it is in keeping with our Demands and Principles. The action on the tube followed this principle. However, many other people involved with XR felt the action was not advisable to further our objectives; an online poll circulated in the days before the action was overwhelmingly against the action. Afterwards there was a lot of discussion throughout XR about the action, and we think important lessons were learned. One of the key things to come out of that process was general agreement that actions affecting ordinary people on public transport were not appropriate.

Is Greta Thundberg a spokesperson for XR?

Not in the sense that she is the leader of XR. She is an individual who shares beliefs and approaches with XR. She is best known for initiating the School Strike movement. She has often shared a platform with other well-known people  – for example David Attenborough and Naomi Klein, and they all have important things to say.​

Why does XR have lots of yoga / meditation / massage at the events?

A central part of XR is something called Regenerative Culture. We believe full knowledge of this crisis and a wise way to deal with it can only be found by understanding the situation with your whole being – not just your intellect. At all XR events there are activities which support this discovery and also provide support to people who are finding the reality of the situation difficult or upsetting. It’s perfectly possible (and OK) to participate in XR events and not take part in yoga or massage if it’s not your kind of thing.

I work in the evenings and can’t come to the meetings. Is that a problem?

Meetings in H&F are held on Tuesday evenings. We know some people can’t come to the meetings for all sorts of reasons – work, childcare, transport. We are always looking for other ways to enable everyone who is interested to join in – if you can’t make it on a Tuesday please email or send us a message through WhatsApp and we will be happy to see what we can do. We have discussed having some meetings during the day or at weekends and have had some very successful meetings on ZOOM during the current lockdown.