This group is focussing on the food we grow and the food we eat - and looking at the alternatives to our standard diets. We go to actions and share information about the advantages of a plant based diet - advantages to the planet and to our own health. If you are interested in working on this area please get in touch with us.

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Food is Climate (Glen Merzer and Dr Sailesh Rao 2021)


'Pasture Maintenance fires' from NASA.  These fires are lit by the farmers so that the forest doesn't grow back. Cattle only like to graze grass.  Elsewhere, 80% of Soya grown is fed to livestock, here they pour Glyphospate/Roundup onto the soil, a known carcinogen, to stop the forest regenerating and then again at pre-harvest , firstly to dry the crop out to maximise yield and secondly to save weeds blocking the combine harvesters. (www.soilassociation and Food is Climate)

Each Working Group is managed separately and able to follow its own direction as long as it follows the XR Principles. Each Working group is coordinated by two or more facilitators - if you would like to be involved or to help organise, or just learn more about what one of the groups does please let us know.