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What can I do?

Obviously, there are many ways to ‘do your bit’ to reduce carbon emissions and repair our damaged ecology.


You can switch to a clean energy supplier. And to a bank that doesn’t pour billions into fossil fuel projects (sorry, Barclays and HSBC).

You can eat less meat and dairy. Take fewer flights. Walk or cycle more. Swap owning a car for sharing one. Buy less stuff. Waste less. Grow stuff. Insulate – even retrofit – your home. (For information on all these choices, see 'get informed'.)

You can join XRHF or Possible or any local project already doing great work (see ‘get inspired’).


But Imagine2030 is about more than individuals doing their bit. It’s about transforming our community.


And transformation begins with imagining the future we want.


So get in touch with us - via email or on Twitter - and to share your ideas. What do you imagine for your street, your neighbourhood, your borough?


Then let’s see what we can do to make your most brilliant ideas happen.

You can also complete this form, we will have your email address and will then be able to keep you up to date with events and developments. It promises to be an exciting few months. 


We will not share your details. We will only send you emails to keep you informed about Imagine2030. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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