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Imagine2030 is a project running in Hammersmith and Fulham.  The aim to imagine what we could have in 2030 - considering what is possible. It highlights different projects and references articles giving information on different aspects of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.  There is a section called INFORMED which gives information about all sorts of solutions to the CEE and a section called INSPIRED which gives examples of where these solutions (and others) have been put into practice. 

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Climate and Ecological Crisis


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Buildings and Energy



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Transport and Pollution


Future visions

And here, you can see what's happening in different places


Hammersmith & Fulham




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Centre of Hammersmith in the future

Greetings from Hammersmith 2030

Hammersmith Bridge without cars - the future of Hammersmith Bridge

Greetings from Hammersmith 2030

We reported that LBHF had published its H&F 2030: Climate and Ecological Strategy. The borough has been named top council in London for its plan - lets see if they deliver on it.


What that means in practice is  a wide range of initiatives led by the Climate Change Unit - you can see all the details on their website.  Some exciting things including a Library of things where you can borrow tools, a map of the borough highlighting H&Fs repair shops, a scheme to make it cheaper and easier to get solar panels, and many more things. The Council is committed to reducing emissions to zero by 2030, and not just from Council activities - all emissions across the borough. We look forward to seeing that become a reality for all of us.

Climate Action Together LBHF

4 years after closing to traffic, the debate about the future of Hammersmith Bridge rumbles on. The Council have put forward a plan involving a temporary truss which would enable traffic to return while the bridge is fixed, allowing for a full return to thousands of cars in a year or two. The biggest problem with this plan is the cost: conservatively estimated at £180 million, of which LBHF council will have to pay a third. The council proposes to recoup this by charging a toll in due course. Of course, there is an alternative involving no more spending, and also no cars. Looks like that is politically inconvenient. We wonder why the good people of Hammersmith, Fulham, Richmond and Putney can't imagine a world without cars and why we can't imagine the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists is a mystery. 

Shepherds Bush Green in the future
What Shepherds Bush Station could be like in the future - fewer cars. Use your imagination

So, what could it be like in LBHF? clean air, less congestion, more greenery

A road in Fulham. The future.
Imagine if we reused or recycled all our stuff
Imagine our High Streets full of thriving independent shops
Imagine if we had play streets for our children
Imagine no m ore single use plastic
Imagine if everything was built to last
Imagine if we had school streets for our children
imagine if we could hear hundreds of birds singing
Imagine if we had more beautiful community spaces
imagin children could cycle safely to schoole if our
Imagine if our air was clean
Imagine a waste free world
Imagine if we all had cheap, local solar power
imagine a car free Hammersmith bridge
Imagine if we replaced advertising with art
imagine strolling down a car free King Street

Over the last year we've been asking people what they imagine and have now updated these cards.

If you have other dreams why not share them with us -

Send to us at:

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