At the Science Museum in London Shell have sponsored an exhibition on Carbon Capture. And in so doing they are using the reputation of the Science Museum to create an impression that they are doing something about Climate Change when they are still exploring for new oil fields. Other organisations (the RSC and The British Museum for example) have cut ties with fossil Fuel Companies and are refusing to let their names be used in this way.

Shell have also included a GAGGING ORDER into the funding agreement with the museum, stopping the Directors of the Science Museum criticising Shell.

Not content to be partnering with Shell, the Science Museum has astounded the scientific community by agreeing to have the coal giant Adani sponsor a new gallery. - the Adani Green Energy Gallery. The contract they have signed with Adani once again includes a gagging clause stopping the museum from being critical of Adani. Read the story here. The news was also reported on Channel 4.

The museum says: The Adani Green Energy Gallery will “explore the latest climate science and the energy revolution needed to cut global dependence on fossil fuels and achieve the Paris targets to limit global warming to around 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels”. For information on Adani and its activities have a look here.

Given that 1.5° is generally considered almost impossible now and that Adani's coal extraction is specifically contributing to the crisis it's hard to understand what the Science Museum think they will achieve. Apart from giving Adani a voice and the illusion of respectability. Sound familiar? The same argument was used when the museum took Shell's money - and guess what? Shell have doubled down on extracting fossil fuels and are about to start on activities in South Africa guaranteed to cause widespread destruction. Read about it here

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Climate crimes have perpetrators. They also have facilitators.

(um.... Science Museum - are you listening?)

How a powerful US lobby group helps big oil to block climate action.

No place for new fossil fuels if world is to reach net zero by 2050, says landmark report

Shell forced to slash global emissions after landmark court ruling

Oil and Gas efforts to cut emissions 'just smoke and mirrors' finds new climate benchmark

Shell is not a green saviour. It's a planetary death machine

UK faces legal action over North Sea oilfield exploration plans

Dozens of UK former senior officials profit from fossil fuel corporations, rubber-stamped by Whitehall committee.


@BorisJohnson said the UK would "lead the way" on climate change as we prepare to host global climate talks, COP26.

And Oil giant Shell and Siccar Point Energy are seeking permission from the UK Government to develop the Cambo oil field, West of Shetland, just months ahead of COP26. In the first phase, due to start in 2025, the companies expect to extract 150 million barrels of oil - the emissions equivalent of 16 coal-fired power plants running for a year. They anticipate operating the Cambo field, which contains 800 million boe, until 2050, by which time Britain has pledged to be net carbon neutral..

More information here, please write and let the government know this is insane.

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And it gets worse: The companies behind the Cambo Field are being paid to pollute. Between 2015 and 2019, Siccar Point paid effectively no tax. In 2019, the UK Government paid Siccar Point £41m. In 2020, the UK Government paid Shell £99.1m. We’re subsiding climate disasters like the Cambo Field every year. Read more here

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... we will contribute to a net-zero world, where society stops adding to the total amount of greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

This supports the more ambitious goal to tackle climate change laid out in the Paris Agreement: to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1.5°Celsius.

Shell recently announced a special “carbon neutral” shipment of fracked gas to Europe. Although there’s nothing unique about the liquified natural gas, Shell and its supplier, Cheniere, are somehow marketing the shipping of fossil fuels as carbon neutral. You can’t make this up.

In an article published by Salon, the author analyzed Shell’s shenanigans and those of a few other corporations that are practically pulling the strings of government in order to continue to produce fossil fuels that are still heating up our planet.

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Ben van Beurden (CEO Shell) was asked whether  "large companies with shareholders only look out for them ... it's all about profits"

He replied "Well that may well be true, but its not true for us.We are a company that powers progress, not just for our shareholders, but also for the planet, for net zero, also for lives and livelihoods, and also looking after nature. It's not all about profits, it is indeed a balanced way of powering progress for this planet.

Listen to the interview and comments here

Earlier this year, oil giants BP and Royal Dutch Shell assessed the climate lobbying done by trade associations they have been involved with, and publicly quit a handful of high-profile industry groups campaigning to undermine regulations to reduce greenhouse gases.

The effort was part of a vow to increase corporate transparency and bring planet-heating emissions to net zero over the next few decades.

But Shell and BP ― the second- and fourth-largest oil companies by revenue last year ― are still active members of at least eight trade organisations lobbying against climate measures in the United States and Australia that were not disclosed in the public reviews, an Unearthed and HuffPost investigation has found.

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Trash on Beach

... we will contribute to a net-zero world, where society stops adding to the total amount of greenhouse gases emissions (GHGs) in the atmosphere.

This supports the more ambitious goal to tackle climate change laid out in the Paris Agreement: to limit the rise in average global temperature to 1.5°Celsius.

Becoming a net-zero emissions energy business means that we are reducing emissions from our operations, and from the fuels and other energy products we sell to our customers. It also means capturing and storing any remaining emissions using technology or balancing them with offsets.

We are transforming our business to meet our target, providing more low-carbon energy such as charging for electric vehicles, hydrogen and electricity generated by solar and wind power.

We are also working with our customers as they make changes, including in sectors that are difficult to decarbonise, such as aviation, shipping, road freight and industry.

And yet whatever greenwash Shell come up with to try and make you think they are sustainable and care about the environment the truth is quite different. Read here about 8 scandals that prove Shell's contempt for people and planet. And while Shell claim to be heading for a Carbon Zero future it is still exploring new oil and gas fields and still a part of the destruction of the environment.

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And bang on cue, and likely to prove embarrassing for the Science Museum in London ..... Shell is an official sponsor of the Climate Exhibition 'Our Future Planet' at the Science Museum in London. Promoting controversial Carbon Capture technologies which overstate their effectiveness so Shell can carry on drilling.  

and if you wonder how those kinds of decisions are made.... "the chief exec of the 0% tax paying, fracking supporting Peel Group is on the @sciencemuseum board of trustees which agreed to Shell's sponsorship. Just a hugely rotten core at the centre of the UK."

BREAKING NEWS ... (a bit of good news) the Methodist Church has got rid of it's SHELL investments because of its "inadequate response to Climate Change".    If it's good enough for the Methodist Church .....  Read here

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