A Climate Café is a confidential and empathetic space where thoughts and feelings and hopes about our climate crisis can be safely expressed. 

As it is becoming increasingly clear that climate change is not a future problem, but instead a very immediate and present danger to our own safety and wellbeing, we increasingly need to talk about what our changing climate means for us, society and the global population. Climate Cafes allow us space to explore some complex feelings and thoughts which may often be taboo and hard to talk about.

The focus of discussion is participants’ thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis; it is an advice-free zone. 

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Within XR the focus is often on planning and taking action, and whilst this is crucial, it is also of crucial importance that we connect with and explore our emotions and feelings related to the climate and ecological crisis. Through this we can understand ourselves more clearly, feel less alone with our experience and feel more connected with others in the movement and we can reflect on how best to move forward and take action.

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Usually a Climate Café will have between 5-12 attendee and 1-2 facilitators. They will last for approximately 1-1.5 hours. It is important to be able to attend on time and remain for the duration of the session (in order to form and maintain the cohesion and safe space within the group).

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We have run several Climate Cafes for our local group and are hoping to run them regularly in 2021.


Please contact us to express interest and a member of our group will reply to you.

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WE WOULD LIKE TO HIGHLIGHT – everyone is an important and valued member of this group. Everyone’s contribution is meaningful. We would like to support you to get involved as much as you would like to/feel able to at this time. We also recognise and support people to take a step back from commitments if needed, as sometimes we have more in our life outside of XR that requires and deserves our focus.

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