Barclays A.K.A. sharklays

Work continues to bring attention to the destructive behaviour of UK Banks - especially Barclays and HSBC. We are drawing attention to the blatant greenwashing they deploy - trying to sound good but doing immeasurable harm to our planet

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They are not alone:

Barclays is the worst bank in Europe for investments in oil and gas. If you want more information on them and their appealing behaviour, have a look at the Sharklays website. But they are not alone - closely followed in Europe by HSBC. Let them know you've had enough and move your money away from Barclays and HSBC -

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We protest against Barclays' unethical behaviour of financing ecocide and social injustices,

‘The bank is the industry’s biggest backer in Europe and the largest globally, financing $85.2 billion in the three years to 2018’ (reference).

Barclays is greenwashing its ongoing contributions to the climate crisis.

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We demand Barclays: 

1. Tell The Truth: 

Publicly declare Barclays’ commitment to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal by publishing its Scope 3 emissions and a commitment to align to the November 2019 UNEP target of a fall of 7.6% of all emissions each year of this decade. 

2. Act Now: 2030 not 2050

Phase out existing cash flow, project and corporate finance to companies that are extracting fossil fuels or making investments in fossil fuel power plants and infrastructure. All financial services to the coal industry must stop immediately. Phase-out all financial services to companies with profiles that are not aligned with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Provide audited evidence that Barclays is aligning to the UNEP target of a fall in annual emissions.

3. Show leadership

Barclays has a generational opportunity to lead a green and just recovery post the Covid-19 pandemic. Show leadership by investing in businesses that demonstrate a strong environmental, ecological and ethical framework, such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Adopt a decision-making process genuinely predicated on the urgent needs of the planet – not profit; Barclays must participate in or follow the findings of the City of London Peoples’ Climate Change Assembly. 


A very important part of the actions is how we share the story afterwards. Usually the actions are arranged through various WhatsApp groups - sometimes other media like Signal or Telegram. During actions we take photos and will share the action through various Social Media platforms - especially Twitter, Instragram and Facebook. If you can help with any of these please let us know.