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There are hundreds of books relevant to these issues. Some to start with:

  • Letters to the Earth; 

  • Sitopia; Carolyn Steel

  • The uninhabitable Earth; David Wallace-Wells

  • The Growth Delusion; David Pilling

  • Wilding; Isabella Tree

  • The World After Coronavirus; Yuval Noah Harari


A wonderful list put together by XR Prague

Climate and environmental crisis, science, politics, perspectives

Our deeds no longer dissolve in the world, the world is stretched, we see the consequences of our actions.
Amrita Bhohi


Personal views, emotional support, activism, visions

That initial first step—of saying, “The world is a living place, and I am not the lord and master of it”—is a necessary and sufficient precondition for everything that follows.
Richard Powers


Nature and Spiritual Ecology, connection to the living world

Live in each season as it passes—breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, & resign yourself to the influences of each.
Henry David Thoreau



[Stories] start to work on you, and they change the way that you see the world—that’s been my experience of them—in a way that no amount of argument and no number of rational cases ever could.
Paul Kingsnorth


Children's books

We need to become parents of the future. How do we do that? By taking the metaphor literally. By understanding that only if we take completely seriously what it really means to be good parents to our children, will it really be enough to take care of the whole future.
Rupert Read



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