Rebellions aren’t easy –

It feels like XR is in a difficult time. It’s not a feeling that’s easy to pin down, but this writer hears it in local groups, in UK Support teams, and from interested friends: a sense that we might have lost momentum, or direction, or some other intangible thing.

Not everyone might share this feeling; and plenty of rebels will understandably be focussed on the pandemic, and the challenging and tragic consequences it has brought. But for those still thinking of XR, this writer would like to try and help illuminate our general situation.

The 2020 strategy is an expression of voices from across our movement, from communities and experts. 

Key goals:

  • People Power – Bring a million people in the UK into active support and ensure 50% of the nation see the Climate & Ecological Emergency as their top priority. 

  • Vision – We won’t wait for our demands to be met, we will begin to enact them, piloting new participatory systems in democracy, media and economics.

  • Movement of Movements – Grow our connection to, and understanding of, wider movements for change, building stronger relationships, co-creating new stories and visions for the future.

  • Inner Strength – Improve internal systems, caring for our Rebels, building our regenerative cultures, adhering to our Principles and Values. We will learn by doing, teach by showing. We will live the change.

This is a guiding light, rather than detailed instructions, for rebels and working groups across regional and national groups to employ their own knowledge, creativity and passion to deliver a diverse, regenerative, and decentralised rebellion.

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