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Whether you want to get involved, or want to find out more about XR have a look here. Most of the day to day communication is done through WhatsApp – again, if you join a WhatsApp group you can leave whenever you want to. We don’t store any personal information once you unsubscribe from an email list or a WhatsApp group. 

If you want to get involved there are several things you can do, here are some ways of getting involved with XR H&F climate activism:

  • Check out this website. We have been working hard to make it an excellent resource of information about our group, sub groups, photos, recommended reading and activities

  • Follow and interact with our social media: we shares important messages on Twitter and Instagram, help amplify this work by ‘liking’, ‘retweeting’ and commenting on their posts:

  • Join our ongoing actions  .....

  • Join our weekly meetings: We meet in person and virtually on Zoom on Tuesday nights at 8pm, you can join from a computer or smartphone using this link: or from a normal telephone by dialling 0203 051 2874, then when requested enter the meeting ID which is: 797 200 643#

  • Join our ongoing WA  Discussion chat: we discuss the climate and ecological emergency and share links to information, news and ideas relevant to our group. 

  • Join our XR H&F Announcements channel: you receive updates on relevant events in XRH&F and across XR UK (no more than a couple of messages per day). 

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