McKinsey is one of the biggest and most influential Management Consultants in the World's. They advise corporations and governments all over the world, and are in a  perfect position to start advising their clients on how to make a difference to the Climate and Ecological Emergency. They also have an investment fund of around £10 billion. We have been visiting their offices in London every couple of weeks since November last year - with a short break during the lockdown. Our focus has been to be at their offices on a Friday morning when they come to work and to try and talk to them. We have always been respectful and tried to come up with actions which have a humorous side - as well as always being serious about the threat we all face and their responsibilities. We have had some success - there has certainly been an acknowledgement by McKinsey that they are getting to grips with the issues and they have at least mentioned the Climate Emergency or related issues in some of their publications this year. The nature of companies like theirs is very secretative, so we are not sure to what extent they are actually changing but we have been encouraged by the conversations we've had with their staff. 

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A very important part of the actions is how we share the story afterwards. Usually the actions are arranged through various WhatsApp groups - sometimes other media like Signal or Telegram. During actions we take photos and will share the action through various Social Media platforms - especially Twitter, Instragram and Facebook. If you can help with any of these please let us know.