money rebellion

Understanding how the financial system is supporting the Climate and Ecological Emergency is vitally important. We are involved in or support several different actions bringing these issues to light. Current actions have focussed on:​​

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  • banks

  • Bank of England



  • Insurance companies

  • management consultants

  • think tanks

want to see what the banks are up to? Have a look at the Rainforest Action Network's website ...


Our actions against financial institutions are not limited to banks. We are also targeting Shell and BP, Blackrock and the World Bank for inappropriate investing and , Lloyds of London and  Liberty Mutual for insuring these investments into unnecessary fossil fuel exploration.


Have a look at this video from Gail Bradbrook examining the relationship between Governments, Political institutions, insurers, the press, central banks, investment banks, think tanks, lobby groups, corruption, vested interests .... and the biggest question of all - why are we obsessed with growth when we know it is incompatible with a safe planet?

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"Ground zero of lies": artists protest in London at think tank HQ


Outside Lloyds of London

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At the bank of England

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Outside Parliament


McKinsey receiving CHARRED EARTH award


outside McKinsey Consultants

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Shell HQ London

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Bank Action

A very important part of the actions is how we share the story afterwards. Usually the actions are arranged through various WhatsApp groups - sometimes other media like Signal or Telegram. During actions we take photos and will share the action through various Social Media platforms - especially Twitter, Instragram and Facebook. If you can help with any of these please let us know.