WORMWOOD SCRUBBS is a unique 75 hectare space in London. The Friends of Wormwood Scrubs say "

"Wormwood Scrubs Park is not a park in the normal sense. It has been called the most precious natural space in the whole of London. An Act of Parliament of 1879 preserved it for “the perpetual use by the inhabitants of the metropolis for exercise and recreation” and crucially decreed that it should always be: "more wild than tamed”

Parts of the Scrubs are sports fields and other areas are a nature reserve, home to hundreds of species of butterflies, birds and lizards as well as a remarkable variety of flowers and trees. It is loved by dog walkers, Park Runners, model aeroplane enthusiasts to name but a few.

Wormwood Scrubs Park feels like a little piece of countryside - right in the middle of London. And yet it is constantly under threat from development, degradation and encroachment. 

The threat is imminent, if you would like to be involved in helping protect this unique space please join our WhatsApp group - SAVE OUR SCRUBS. Use this link to join the group. ‎Open this link to join my WhatsApp Group:

We will be posting more information here in the coming days .....

What is HS2?

High Speed 2 (HS2) is the proposed new high speed railway, planned to be built in England, but funded by taxpayers across the UK. The proposals were made public in 2010, at the very end of the last Labour government, and the first phase is due to open in 2026. But it is over budget and behind schedule. What’s more, opposition to the project is continuing to increase, due to the poor economic case, the dire effects on the environment, and the multiple better ways of spending the money earmarked for HS2.

Over Budget and Behind Schedule

For many years, politicians maintained that HS2 was on schedule and on budget. Skeptics were pointed to the Elizabeth Line (formerly known as Crossrail), which until a few months before it was due to open appeared to be “on time and on budget”.  But in a few short months, this all changed, with billions being added to the Crossrail budget.  What was worse, in the summer of 2018, the opening date was delayed from December 2018 to potentially 2021.

On the 10th of October, a few H&F rebels joined other activist partaking in a National protest against the insane high speed railway project. We helped blocking one of the gates at the Dunham area and managed to disrupt work for many hours. This infrastructure project robs taxpayers of millions while massacring ancient woodlands. We must stop the destruction of these natural reserves. Our own history is embedded in the lives of the trees. Once gone, forever gone. Extinction is forever. The woodlands are also home to many species which now face dreadful exploitation. 

"Feels exciting to be successfully blocking gates like this. It feels like we’re very actively blocking the HS2 site. Hopefully this is a step in the process of stopping this terrible distributive and polluting works - even if it’s just for today".

                                   - T.rex, activist 

HS2 is by far the most expensive high speed railway the world has ever seen – £106 Billion according to the government, but independent experts have predicted up to £230 billion. 

HS2 will not be carbon neutral for over 120 years. 

See the Stop HS2 website for much more information. There is a 24/7 phone number listed.

693 local wildlife sites, 33 sites of special scientific interest, 21 designated local nature reserves, 5 wildlife refuges of international importance and 108 ancient woodlands are all threatened by HS2. 9 major rivers will be diverted and 34 KM of the route goes directly through flood zones.

Affinity Water, the water company which draws 60 % of their water from this source supplying 3.2 million people have told HS2 that they cannot meet their demand for water and in 2013 highlighted their concerns that the water supply could be entirely jeopardised by HS2 works.

The Colne Valley woodlands protects the source of 22% of London’s drinking water, but as these woodlands are vandalised, our source of water is under alarming threat. 


 please sign the petition:  

A very important part of the actions is how we share the story afterwards. Usually the actions are arranged through various WhatsApp groups - sometimes other media like Signal or Telegram.

During actions we take photos and will share the action through various Social Media platforms - especially Twitter, Instragram and Facebook. If you can help with any of these please let us know.

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